Invention Ideas

  • Nail polish bottle whose brush can reach all areas/corners/bottom of the bottle
  • Nail polish remover with a sturdy based bottom so it doesn’t tip over
  • Lightweight cookware like metal trays, etc.
  • Rosemary gum
  • Green tinted glasses to make the lawn look greener
  • Colored grass mixes: blue, yellow, black, red, green and white variegated, yellow and white variegated
  • Hot spicy milkshake or tapioca type beverage
  • Computer game series about Israel
  • Herbed water
  • Easy to clean stove top
  • Instant oatmeal with nuts and dried fruit on the side
  • Kale Girl Scout cookies
  • Standup doll
  • Forsythia colored nail polish and other plant colors

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