Garden Was Featured On You Bet Your Garden

Thanks so much to them! A client, Charles Bohm, introduced me to the show in 2012. Thanks to him, to Rohsler’s for the annuals, to gardener Harnek Singh from Wave Hill for the buttercups from 2010, to North Creek Nurseries for the perennials, and to my parents for allowing me to practice the craft and planting the weeping katsura and peonies (‘Sarah Bernhardt’). Also thanks to my references, mentor, and everyone in the field for teaching me so much and for being so supportive!

The Government Recognizes My Disability

I now qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance for what I consider to be Faceblindness (Prosopognosia) (I have been diagnosed by a neurologist). From now forward, parties hiring me will be eligible to receive 25%-40% of my salary back from the government (depending on whether I am part-time or full-time).